Thursday, December 2, 2010

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jaxon Turns 3

My baby turned 3 this last week, and I just can't believe it. My big baby(Roman) turns 5 next month and that makes me feel extremely old. I can't believe how big they are getting. Roman is the size of an almost 7 year old, and doesn't even get to go to kindergarten this year because he misses the deadline by 12 days!! So when he goes to kindergarten next year he will be huge.
Jaxon is getting big too, not as big as brother, but is good at defending himself. Jaxon will soon be a big brother too. I'm 24 weeks today, and only have 16 to go. We definately have another stubborn one on our hands. Every time he starts kickin, I tell jon to feel it, and then the baby stops.
Jaxon also starts speech therapy in August, so i'm excited for him to get going there. We got some not so great news at his ear check-up. His tubes had fallen out, and because he just had 2 really nasty ear infections, he made holes in his ears. The doctor said that if the skin grows a certain way then he will have to have surgery to repair it. If he keeps getting ear infections, he will have to have his adnoids out. Hopefully the wholes in his ears will repair themselves, but we will just have to keep an eye on them. She doesn't want to have to surgically repair them yet, because it's not good for his age. She said hopefully they will repair themselves by the time that Jaxon is 7. If they don't then she can go in and repair it. Until then, we have to go see her every 3 months, instead of every 6 months.
Anyways Happy 3rd Birthday to my baby!